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Edinburgh Festival Carnival


Edinburgh Festival Carnival image

The seventh Edinburgh Festival Carnival delivers a dazzling spectacle under the castle!

Over 800 Carnival Performers

Music, dance, costumes, circus, acrobats and puppetry, from all over the world, and all over Scotland!including:Bombrando (Portugal), Gwanaval (France), Nice (Iceland), Enjoy Street Theatre (Italy), Edinburgh Chinese Art and Culture Committee, Artscape Theatre (South Africa), Edinburgh Samba School, Beltane Society, Pulse of the Place, Brass Aye,  Dream Warriors (USA), Meninos do Morumbi (Brazil), 3Canal (Trinidad), Acitae (Cuba), Barefeet Acrobats (Zambia), Kalentura (Netherlands), La Paranxza del Greco (Italy), 

Thanks to Andrew Gebbie for the video

Presented in association with Brouhaha and BE United


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