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The New Wave Of Scottish Jazz


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Mark Hendry Octet, Fergus McCreadie Trio, Luca Manning and Alan Benzie.

Many of the great moments of artistic and cultural history have been produced when groups of artists emerge at the same time, interact, and inspire each other’s output. Today, in Glasgow, a constellation of star young players have emerged on the jazz scene, and together are creating some of the most exciting music we've heard in Scottish jazz in a very long time.  This concert offers a taster of three groups featuring many of these super-talented musicians, including the compositional power and thrilling range of Mark Hendry's Octet, the sensational traditional Scots/jazz collision of Fergus McCreadie Trio and the luminous voice of Luca Manning.

Mark Henrdy's Octet features: 

Cameron Thomson-Duncan – Trumpet

Micheal Murray – Saxophone

Matthew Carmichael – Saxophone

Richard Leonard – Trombone

Tom Stephenson – Guitar

Fergus McCreadie – Piano

Graham Costello – Drums

Mark Hendry – Double Bass

They all deliver extraordinary level of creative energy and excitement. All have their own headline concerts later in the Festival.


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