Ali Affleck

Ali Affleck is a bona fide Jazz and blues vocalist with a heartfelt vintage twist.  With an ever growing repertoire, Ali loves exploring the jazz archives to find ancient gems to share - from saucy and fun, to dark and sinister, her bands are working hard to resurrect amazing, forgotten songs.

Ali won the award of ‘Best Jazz Vocalist’ in the 2014 Scottish Jazz Awards, and that same year she was nominated as 'Best Emerging artist ' and for the 'Best Jazz Album'. She was nominated again in the 2017 and 2018 as Scottish Jazz Awards as 'Best Jazz Vocalist'. 

Early jazz historian Ali has earned her solid reputation as the quintessential ‘go to’ vocalist for authentic trad Jazz / prohibition era blues and as she is also an American AND a swing dancer, Ali is uniquely placed to deliver this music with cultural authority! Representing the Pioneers of early music (particularly the forgotten heroines!) Ali's fresh interpretations breathe new life into this highly specialized music and this sees her leading the charge for bringing old school Jazz back to the attention of our modern ears! She is a resident musician at Edinburgh's Famous Jazz bar on Chambers Street and this is where she hosts her trademark 'Speakeasy Sessions’ - high energy events that feature the countries finest musicians performing early jazz, swing and blues - a favourite for the swing dance scene!

Ali leads three distinct old school bands - The Copper Cats, The Gin Mill Genies, Bedlam Swing 

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Ali Shake band picture

Ali Affleck - Foolin Myself

Ali Shake band picture

Ali Affleck - Gimmie Some