Saturday 22nd July 2023 | 13:00 | 120 min
St Bride's Centre
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Singer Fionna Duncan was a national treasure and a jazz icon. Her distinctive gravelly tones and unerring sense of swing graced many bands like The Clyde Valley Stompers and saw her sharing stages with musical greats like Louis Armstrong and The Beatles. She also ran Glasgow Jazz Festival’s jam sessions and led the Fionna Duncan Vocal workshops, winning a host of accolades and awards along the way. She was an inspiration and friend to many and today’s concert features a host of musicians who want to pay tribute: Sophie Bancroft, Suzanne Bonnar, Gina Rae, Sylvia Rae (vocals), Kit Carey (banjo and vocals), John Burgess, Phil Bancroft (saxes), Bruce Adams, Colin Steele (trumpet), Dave Batchelor (trombone), Paul Harrison, Brian Kellock (piano), Mario Caribé, Roy Percy (bass) Tom Bancroft and Kenny Milne (drums).