Jazz From Around The World: Italy Pt. 1

Festival Pass Exclusive. Novara Jazz Festival showcases three jazz bands.

Beatrice Arrigoni Quartet 
This contemporary jazz quartet, led by vocalist and composer Beatrice Arrigoni, play a set of original compositions which blend together a variety of styles whilst drawing on both the European and American jazz tradition. With a strong focus on melodies, the band try to recreate the sonic landscape of a multilayered inner world, which takes shape through particular melodies, moments of free improvisation, dizzying tempo changes and lyrical elements.

The evocative melodies are layered with elements of poetry (from Emily Dickinson to T.S. Eliot), linking sound to the philosophical and existential meanings of Time, Space and Nature. Simple yet sophisticated, this piece of work represents the various ‘souls’ of Arrigoni, portraying the different stylistic stages of the artists and her expressive growth.

Anais Drago Solo Project - From Erik Satie to Frank Zappa
EJBF audiences met Italian rising star, Anais Drago, in 2019 as she joined the stage playing with the incredible Gonzalo Bergara. Now Anais is back with her Solo Project - From Erik Satie to Frank Zappa. The proposed repertoire is the result of years of research in the timbres and in the technical and expressive possibilities of the violin as only instrument, in its acoustic form and also through the use of electronic effects and sounds. This concert features original compositions inspired by the Italian landscape and literature, with a sound that is minimal and de-assembled so that it can be re-assembled again through the concert: instantaneous and extemporaneous orchestration alternate with improvisations in different musical styles. 

Recorded at the Faraggiana Ferrandi Natural History Museum.

Luca Aquino‘Icaro Solo’
Icaro Solo is the solo trumpet project built around an intuition and the desire to challenge the sound not yet explored. Aquino recorded in complete solitude at Sacro Monte di Varallo, placing twenty-two panoramic microphones in strategic points of the interior. He studied the reverberations of the environment and at the same time explored the various acoustic possibilities given by the architecture.

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Line ups 
Beatrice Arrigoni - Vocals,lyrics and compositions  
Lorenzo Blardone - Piano
Andrea Grossi - double bass  
Matteo Rebulla - drums

Anais Drago - Violin/arrangements

Luca Aquino - Trumpet/effects/compositions

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