Mark Hendry: Symbiosis

A phenomenal new talent on the Scottish scene, Hendry writes compelling and lyrical music.

EJBF21 has commissioned him to write music about the threats to our environment focusing on the human connection to the natural world. Symbiosis delivers a blend of classical music and jazz that takes you on a journey around our beautiful and increasingly fragile planet. Using a mixture of filmed footage, abstract animation, archive footage, and CGI, the music will be accompanied by stunning projections of the natural world. 

For this world premiere, Hendry’s band will include pianist Fergus McCreadie, singer Irini Arabatzi and visual creative Ross Blair. 

An EJBF Commission | Supported by Scottish Jazz EXPO

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Mark Hendry holding a double bass

Mark Hendry: Symbiosis Trailer


Irini Arabatzi - vocals
Bernadette Kellermann - Violin
Matthew Carmichael - Tenor Saxophone 
Mark Hendry - Double Bass/Compositions
Fergus McCreadie - Piano
Greg Irons - Drums
Ross Blair/Projection Club Arts Collective - Visual Creative & Projection Mapping