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The 40 names..

The 40 names..

Tickets on sale

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40 Names announced today

Today, we are announcing 40 bands who will be playing at the Festival this year at 3pm - check out the information on the programme page

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Festivals Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the world's Festival City.   It’s where people come together from across the globe to share their passion for arts, culture and ideas. + more

Visit Edinburgh

Scottish poet Hugh MacDiarmid described the city as 'a mad god's dream', but even the maddest of gods couldn't have dreamt up a more inspiring setting for the world's biggest, most exhilarating, most over-the-top festival. + more


We invite you to explore our 2015 edition.


Tickets for all  concerts are on sale on 6th May at midday.


As soon as we have prepared the 2015 Brochure it will be available for download in the meantime, please send us your email to keep in touch.


The ever-popular Carnival is back. And it's as free as ever.