Edinburgh Festival Carnival

Expect colour, spectacle, sounds and electric atmosphere as Scotland's largest multicultural celebration returns to the streets of Edinburgh.

1-3pm From the top of the Mound to the West End of Princes Street
Over 800 carnival performers will present music, dance, costumes, puppets, circus, and acrobatics from groups including Banda Dida (Brazil), Circo Fantazztico (Costa Rica), Belmont Freetown Performing Arts Company(Trinidad), Barefeet Theatre (Zambia), Harlem Samba (USA) Artscape(South Africa) KalentuRa Drums (the Netherlands) Gwanaval (Martinique) and Samba Resille (France) as well as Pulse of the Place, Edinburgh Chinese Art & Culture Community and Dance Ihaymi from Edinburgh.

3-6pm Princes Street Gardens
Sounds will beat from the stage of the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens, opening with our ‘Encontro’ featuring 150 drummers, and closing with one of the UK’s finest reggae artists, Tippa Irie. We will also have zones for dance, music, circus performers across the Gardens.

The Carnival programme will be released on Tuesday 21 June.